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Melissa Pickell, New you nutrition

Melissa Pickell Registered Dietitian


No one size or meal plan fits all, and I can tailor a program specific to your particular needs and health concerns.

What you eat can help you take a healthy path towards improving your skin, moods, energy level and life balance. I use a whole foods approach to nutrition to help you feel satisfied and nourished. I encourage my clients to stop counting calories, carbs, fats and points, and instead focus on mindful and intuitive eating. Reach your natural weight by learning techniques to slow your eating; listen to internal hunger and fullness cues; learn how to balance your diet by eating whole foods.

Working with Melissa

I provide nutrition counseling to individuals of all ages, as well as families and groups. Many of my clients seek my help due to medically complex, restricted or special diets. It is my passion to help you find delicious foods that work within your health goals and ingredient restrictions.

Counseling and diet coaching is provided to overcome blocks and obstacles that prevent you from leading a healthful life. As a team we will focus on your nutrition and health goals. You will learn how to eat what is best for your body and still enjoy delicious food.

My specialties include weight loss coaching; diet makeovers; food sensitivities; heart healthy diets; gluten-free, dairy-free diets; and plant-based, (vegan and vegetarian) diets.

Education and Experience

I am a Registered Dietitian with a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition and over 25 years experience working with all ages and types of health conditions. I received my four-year degree from Syracuse University including medical fieldwork, and passed a national exam for registration. As a Registered Dietitian, I participate in continuing education requirements every year.