Marvelous Meatless Meals

Marvelous Meatless Meal, Melissa PickellA vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free cookbook by author and registered dietitian, Melissa Pickell, R.D., Marvelous Meatless Meals provides the basics for those just getting started on a gluten free/casein free, (no dairy), diet as well as many healthful suggestions for those wishing to move to a vegetarian lifestyle and reduce their intake of refined sugar. Ms. Pickell, who is founder of New You Nutrition, a private practice based in Flemington, New Jersey, says she decided to write the book after her husband was put on a strict diet of no gluten, dairy, or sugar for health reasons. She has tried to take the recipes her vegetarian family has enjoyed and find ways to make them gluten, dairy, and sugar free, with the hope of removing some of the fear of gluten and vegetarian meal planning, and putting back the joy of eating.

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What readers are saying

THANK YOU for this book. I went GF about 6 months ago (long story I won’t bore you with). I used to be a vegetarian, and my husband and I talk about going veggie again. However, once I went GF I said “there’s no way I can give up meat TOO, I can barely eat anything on a restaurant menu as it is.” And maybe I won’t go 100% veggie, but your cookbook gives me a lot of at-home options.
Christine, NJ
I have a copy of Melissa’s great cookbook. I’ve only had it for about a month and it’s already food-stained and a bit dog-eared. Lots of great info and yummy recipes.
Florrie, British Columbia
Wonderful recipes, Melissa. THANK YOU!  I am fighting fibromyalgia through food allergies, and your book meets all my needs–and has GOOD recipes, too. Even my husband actually eats them. I even sent copies to two of my family.
Carol, NJ
I learned about your cook book in the Hunterdon Democrat. As soon as I read your story, I thought about my friend who has celiac disease. So I purchased a book for her, too. I personally don’t have the problem myself, but I still would like to omit gluten from my diet as much as I can. I am always trying to find new ideas and information to maintain a healthy life style. So when I read about your story. I couldn’t wait to get your cookbook. I have tried the Kale with garlic and olive oil. The next recipe that I’ll want to try will be the buckwheat and bean chili. Also I’ll have to try the Jerusalem Artichoke Soup. I have been growing them in my garden for the past 5 years. And there are many more of your recipes that I would love to make but too many to list. Thank you so much for putting this cookbook together.
Marlene, NJ
My friend loaned me your book and I’m loving it. I’ve been recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, so am still finding my way around the myriad of information that’s out there. I found your book to be informative and the recipes simple and delicious – my family loves the Banana Date muffins!
Julia, British Columbia
The books arrived and I have already made Beans & Greens to great acclaim. I gave a copy to my dietician friend and neighbor and she has also said that your book is impressive. Thanks again for publishing the book. I look forward to the next one….
Florrie, British Columbia
We got the book. What a wonderful publication. It is very thorough; your notes are helpful. Love that you have emphasized that the meals are not complicated or time consuming to prepare. I am sure so may who use the book will find cooking and preparing recipes for a family member with dietary problems very helpful. Great job and congratulations!
Dorothy, TX
A friend of mine is from NJ- she read an article about you in the local paper and called me- I am a vegetarian and celiac, I was so thrilled- I had no idea such a book existed. I love it!
Thank you for all of the effort and persistence it took to write such an engaging, informative, and easy to read guide. The nutritional value of your recipes will benefit everyone in my family, even those without specific food allergies!
Dottie, NJ
Congratulations on your book-I just got my copy and have started going through it-it’s going to be very helpful to me! I have been gluten-free for 3 years and just found out I also have severe immune responses to dairy and eggs. So I especially appreciate you giving suggestions on when to use egg replacements. I am also a heart patient so I also like your healthy approach to fats and use of small amounts of sugar.
Suzanne, NJ
I am a vegetarian that has been working on my transition toward vegan and have recently been diagnosed with celiac. I love books, I love reading about vegan food. I purchase books often but have yet to find a book (until yours) that has really felt so fitted to my likes and my needs. Your work inspires me and will be helping me heal. So, thank you.
Sarah, IN
I’ve made [the Carrot Cake Muffins] a few times now, always without coconut, because of [my husband]. I’ve used more carrots and nuts (almonds or pecans) to compensate and it’s been delicious. Great recipe! I use “muffin top” pans that I got years ago that come out like flat round “cakes”. After the first batch. I left out the raisins, since I was out voted, and they’re still great. Definitely a keeper.
Your book sounds awesome! I’ve been searching for a no dairy/no sugar combination for ages.  Thanks again!
Marcella, Australia
Just a thank you for your work, and creativity with cooking gluten free and healthy.
I was a client of yours several years ago. I’m still working at being gluten, dairy, and egg free although I do have lapses when I dine out. I’ve been making your bean salad recipe every week. It’s a winner. Everyone loves it (although I eliminated the onion and added cilantro). It’s adaptable. Thanks for the blog and continuing to develop more gluten/dairy free menus for us.
Love your book. I was inspired by one of my dairy-intolerant patients to give it a try. (I’m an internist in Morristown, NJ). The crunchy millet muffins were a big hit in my house.
Jean, NJ
I have your book, Marvelous Meatless Meals and must tell you it is the best ever!! Thank you so very much. I am intolerant to gluten, casein, soy, pepper(s) and albumin in eggs. Your book is the only one that address almost all of these. Thank you! Thank you!
I recently purchased your cookbook. It is great. I especially like the gluten free baking mixes you came up with. My entire family has Lyme disease and we were told to go on a gluten free, sugar free diet. While many recipes can be adjusted with xylitol, brown rice syrup, and agave syrup, the right gluten free mix makes all the difference for baking. (I love to bake!) Anyway, my husband and I want to put together a lyme website and I would like to include your first gluten free mix and cite your book and put a link to you. Thank you.
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much we have enjoyed your book. [My wife] made awesome blueberry pancakes Sunday morning using the gluten free mix in your book. A co-worker just told me he and his son must be on a gluten free diet so I gave him your website and the name of your book. It is a great book. Very nicely written.
I was visiting NYC a few weeks ago. I was looking for a gluten free place for lunch. I am newly diagnosed with celiac disease. Thank you for putting what looks like a wonderful resource together.
We met at the Hunterdon Land Trust Farmers Market when I was “womaning” the membership booth and purchased your cookbook. I made the raw carrot cake recipe for Thanksgiving dessert. EXCELLENT! I really didn’t know what to expect but it was quite brilliant in the end. And the frosting really mimics traditional cream cheese frosting. Quite amazing!! I’m looking forward to sampling other recipes in the coming weeks. Thanks!
Caroline, NJ