REVIEW: My gift to you: 5-Day New You Eating Plan PLUS Bonus Recipe

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The 5-Day New You Eating Plan launched on March 1st 2019 and already I’m getting great feedback from those who are doing the plan! I’ve really enjoyed speaking with Plan participants during our 20-minute private phone conversation. It’s been an opportunity to get to know some of you (and for you [...]

Raw Banana Cannoli with Choco-cado Filling

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I'm sure you've had the problem of too many bananas ripening all at the same time. It happens more during warm months. Often I freeze peeled ripe bananas for later use in smoothies or baked goodies. But last week I had 6 ripe bananas and decided to try this raw [...]

Make Your Own Chocolate for One

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Ok. I admit it. Sometimes I like a little bit of dessert. Here is a quick little dessert idea that makes enough for 1 person (me!). You make your own chocolate dip from coconut oil, agave nectar, and cacao powder (or cocoa powder), then  dip a few strawberries. Like I [...]