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Dairy-free, usually translates to casein-free. Casein is a protein found in dairy products, as well as some non-dairy products. Those who have casein intolerance should always read labels before purchasing food or a product. Foods with Casein: Casein-free Alternatives: Butter Coconut Butter Cheese Coconut Milk Cream Coconut, Hemp, Potato, Rice, [...]

Foods to Get You Through The Winter

2017-07-05T18:38:29+00:00February 19th, 2013|Categories: Learn More|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

Around this time of year I start to get tired of winter and ready for warm days and spending time outdoors on the bike or in the garden. Ok, let's be honest, I'm not just ready for spring, I'm almost chomping at the bit. I can't wait!!! But it is [...]

Raw Foods Passover. It’s Not Just About Matzoh

2017-07-05T18:38:29+00:00April 2nd, 2012|Categories: Learn More|

Passover is around the corner and there is the usual buzz in the air about the holiday food. What to make, what new recipes to try, recipe sharing. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of everything matzoh. It doesn't make me feel good and I'm working at listening to my [...]

Chia: It’s Not Just for Pets Anymore

2016-02-28T16:48:45+00:00April 4th, 2011|Categories: Learn More|Tags: |

chia Remember Chia Pets, those little clay pots with seeds that you watered and then became "hair" on the "pet"? Well, now you can skip the clay pot, the water and the pet and just eat the chia seeds directly. Known botanically as Salvia Hispanica L., chia seeds [...]

Welcome to New You Nutrition

2017-07-05T18:38:30+00:00August 6th, 2009|Categories: Learn More|Tags: , , , , |

Welcome to New You Nutrition. My name is Melissa Pickell and I am a registered dietitian and author of the cookbook Melissa's Marvelous Meatless Meals...everyday recipes that are free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. I run a private nutrition counseling practice in Stockton, NJ, one of the beautiful river [...]