Have you been a chronic dieter for much of your adult life, going on and off diets, up and down on the scale?

Weight cycling is very frustrating and we often start to tie our emotional well-being to the number on the scale. Good number: happy day, number we don’t like: grumpy day.

There are many issues involved in our food and weight lives but one thing I can tell you is that whatever you do to lose weight you will have to continue to do to maintain the weight loss. So if you eliminate all carbs from your diet, you will gain the weight back when you add them back in. Every extreme diet to lose weight will have you taking out entire foods groups or entities: legumes or grains or sugars or fats etc.

I was on this roller coaster for a while too. Chronic dieting was my life before I just stayed in restrictive mode for years. The number on the scale was never good enough. How I felt about myself was strongly tied to my body image, which mostly was negative.

Eventually I found my way to a whole food plant based way of eating and found balance. Whole foods like whole grains and legumes, fruits and vegetables are filling and satisfying and nutrient dense while being calorically light. This way of eating helps to keep blood sugars in balance, preventing swings too high which can cause insulin spikes and fat-storing or too low which can trigger unplanned eating. The world of plant-based meals is VAST. Although I do have favorites that I go to often, I could eat something different most days. The variety makes this way of eating a lot of fun and very pleasing to the palate.

My FREE 5-Day Plant-Based Challenge was created for you to try a whole food eating plan for several days to see how it feels. I’ve included a prep week so that gradually taking out processed foods and sugars will be less disruptive for your body. The menus for the five days are simple to make, all are gluten-free, and are made from easily found whole foods.

I’m also including a 20-minute phone call with me to discuss your health and nutrition goals. Whether it is food sensitivities, autoimmune conditions or you just want to lose some weight in a balanced way that is sustainable, I will have some suggestions for you and answers to your questions.

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I understand how frustrating it can be to find a lifelong eating plan that works for you. Extreme dieting definitely is not a lifelong way to eat. I can help you with a customized eating plan that is right for you and your health conditions.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on the 5-Day Plant-Based Challenge. I look forward to connecting with you during our 20-minute call. Please reach out with any questions.

Healthfully yours,
Melissa Pickell, R.D.N
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist