January is the time of year when you read about New Year’s resolutions, cleansing and detoxing. Almost as a ritual, many diets, reset programs and challenges begin in January or at the start of the New Year and it makes some sense as this is often the time we are thinking about a whole new year and all its possibilities and beginnings.

Personally I tend to struggle to stay balanced in the winter, so, for me, starting some type of health or nutrition challenge at this time of year feels overwhelming. But I do feel the need to lighten and de-clutter my space especially since I’ll probably be spending more time inside during these next months.

Removing clutter from our lives can have the effect of lightening our load, taking weight off our shoulders, making us feel more free, focused and clear. I’ve been a “stuff-purger” my whole life, starting at age ten or eleven with removing an equal number of old clothing items from my closet to the new purchases from a shopping trip. And periodically going through drawers and cabinets to release items I no longer use or wear. This year after feeling stressed by digital overwhelm I decided to do a digital de-cluttering and found it to be quite cleansing and liberating.

I started by unsubscribing to emails that were coming into my mailbox only because I had made a purchase and was now on the receiving end of a company web mail system. Using mindful awareness I realized that seeing all those emails and having to delete them every day was not only a waste of my time but a waste of my mental energy and in my body I felt a little knot of stress from it. It felt so liberating to imagine checking my email and having it pared down to messages from people I care about, work email that I care about, and information that I had asked for.

I took it a step further. How many saved or undeleted emails do you have sitting in your email box serving no purpose and taking up space? Why not delete what you don’t need? No, it doesn’t mean you have to read them all. I start by sorting the email by “FROM” and delete large groups of emails from those companies that I just unsubscribed to. Remember to empty the trash.

Lastly, I took a look at my computer desktop. It was cluttered with folders, JPEGS I’d saved so I could easily find them. Some of those folders had very little in them and could be removed, downsized or combined with other folders. It is amazing how much mental space is taken by looking at a cluttered desktop and how neat and clean it is when I applied minimalism to it.

Spring is also a great time for beginnings and new starts. The weather is promising, the heaviness of winter begins to lift and green things shoot out of the ground all around us. All of my digital de-cluttering allowed space to create some new programs! This spring I’m offering you two opportunities for new beginnings through my practice New You Nutrition.

  • First I’m offering a FREE 5-day Plant-Based Challenge beginning in March, which is National Nutrition Month. Details about the challenge will be coming soon but suffice it to say that there will plenty of recipes, videos, guidance and even a 20-minute free personalized consult with me. All for FREE!
  • In April, when it’s really spring, you can sign up for my 4 Weeks to a New You exclusive program. Only a limited number of spots will be available to be part of this exciting program focused on eating whole foods, eating more plant-based meals, and learning some techniques to slow down and eat more mindfully.

I’m really excited to share these new programs with you and look forward to connecting soon!