Exciting Programs

New You Nutrition Flemington NJ

Gyanbindu (Gail Seckrettar) & Melissa Pickell

I’m have teamed up with Gail and we have created some exciting programs for you. Please read through the details below:

One Bite at a Time…a journey into eating mindfully

Go ahead….just take one bite.
One bite isn’t going to break your diet.
One more bite..and you can have dessert.
Do any of these statements ring familiar?

Gail and I are going to help you change direction on your path. You are only One Bite away from moving from a fear-based weight-cycling diet mentality to a sense of peace with food and your body. Is One Bite at a Time a cure for mindless eating? No. But we are going to help you look at food and your body and your eating behaviors is a new way. You will not walk out the same. The last hour of our workshop is a guided mindful meal. Participants in our last workshop said this was a very POWERFUL and moving experience.

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Good for your Gut…yoga and nutrition for happy digestion

Did you know that 70-80% of your body’s immune cells are located in your gut?
Learn circadian rhythms, herbs and spices, meal timing, breathing techniques and yoga postures that aid digestion. Get your gut working for you!
Press the rest button and bring balance to your digestive system through yoga, meditation and nutrition.

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Gyanbindu (Gail Seckrettar) AYT, E-RYT, CYT

C- IAYT Yoga Therapist, TRE Provider, Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Living in India over 5 years and studying under self realized masters, Gyanbindu completed a 4 year yoga teacher training diploma in Yogic Science with the Bihar School of Yoga (Bihar Yoga Bharati) in India, the Satyananda Yoga Academy Australia and the Satyananda Yoga Academy North America. This diversified international and national training broadened her understanding of the depth and breadth of yoga. She completed a 4,000 hour formal yogic studies (Indian and Australian government recognized) diploma program.

Gyanbindu is a nationally and internationally certified and accredited yoga and meditation instructor. In addition, she is a certified yoga therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and a TRE provider.

Gyanbindu offers a sound, deep understanding of the ancient science and practice of yoga and meditation and offers both a therapeutic and spiritual approach in her teachings.