Happy Healing Touch Clients

healing-touch-flemington-nj-2“I have had extreme stress issues in my life over the last 2 years causing me anxiety, headaches and depression.  Taking time for myself to heal or find relief from pain or finding inner peace has been difficult.  Melissa suggested I try Healing Touch and the experience is like one I have never felt before.

It is a mind out of body experience as I feel waves of soothing energy around my body  giving comfort and calm. You can actually feel the energy radiating from the light touch or near touch during the session. Even after the session I can feel the energy around my body. It is an amazing feeling. It is extremely calming and relaxing. I really never want the sessions to end. The peace and relaxation after the session remain after it is over and even at a later time when I sit and think about the experience- I can feel the peace. It is totally non evasive and Melissa is a most knowledgeable, caring and gentle therapist. I suggest it to anyone who is seeking a calming, relaxing healing experience.”

New Jersey

“I have been lucky enough to have several healing touch sessions with Melissa.  She thoroughly interviewed me prior to my sessions, going over the current state of my health, and reviewing my goals for the session.  During the healing touch session, Melissa moves calmly, quietly, and with purpose.  I’ve left each session feeling calm, comfortable and relaxed.  It’s a beautiful thing!”

New Jersey

“HT gives me a feeling of well-being. I’m more relaxed, with less back pain after the session.”

New Jersey

“I have had two sessions of healing touch with Melissa Pickell.

This was my first  experience. I felt completely relaxed as each part of my body let go of  stress. Being with her brings out all the positive energy one needs to rise above the problems one faces in life.  I feel she has all the qualities needed for a Healing Touch practitioner.”

New Jersey

“I have had several Healing Touch sessions with Melissa to help ease anxiety. Her approach is very gentle and calming. At the start of each session we have a chance to discuss anything that is going on physically or emotionally with me. The hands on healing session is extremely peaceful, relaxing and often feels like an out of body experience. I walk out of the sessions feeling renewed and refreshed – and the feeling continues after I leave. As a Reiki practitioner myself I’m familiar with energy healing, and I’m happy to say I’ve found myself a healer. I will continue to go to Melissa for Healing Touch.”

New Jersey

“I feel very fortunate, that as my life was changing dramatically due to significant health issues, I connected with Melissa and Healing Touch. The sessions have had an incredibly positive impact upon my ability to deal with the stress and anxiety. Melissa first seeks to understand where I am at physically and emotionally before each session and then proceeds accordingly.

I have incredible experiences during the sessions. I am in a fully relaxed state physically and have had some very soothing times as I drifted in and out of “sleep”. Although I say sleep, it is not really like my normal sleep at all. It is more like a dream state where I have very warm and nurturing experiences. I do have trouble fully describing the how Healing Touch effects me but I can say with certainty over time the effects seem to be more fulfilling.

I would strongly recommend exploring Healing Touch with Melissa. She patiently provides you with an understanding of the processes you go through and always has time to answer questions before and after the session. I am so grateful my path crossed with Melissa’s.”

New Jersey