Happy New Year everyone.

I hope your year is getting off to a great start. But I know sometimes we get a slow start in January. It’s too cold to feel motivated about walking outside, and we are still on “holiday time”, not quite on our usual disciplined routine of wellness and self-care.

It’s the perfect time to start meal prepping or batch cooking. Here are some of the benefits of meal prepping and pre-portioning your food:

  1. No more coming home from work and standing at the kitchen counter snack on everything except a healthy meal. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that your meals are already cooked and packaged into portions that can easily be reheated. Imagine walking in the door knowing that you don’t have to cook and that you can take off your shoes, get into comfortable clothes and sit down to a hot meal.
  2. Meal prepping eliminates the guesswork. No more “what am I going to cook for dinner?”. You already know what your meal is going to be and its already waiting for you.
  3. Your lunches are ready to take to work. This will save you money since a home cooked meal costs much less than a meal eaten out. And it’s a great feeling to know that you are set for the work week.
  4. You will stop thinking about food. Imagine that! Once your meals are cooked and prepped and portioned, you don’t have to think about food anymore. You will not believe how much time and energy this saves! No more wondering what you will get for lunch, no more thinking about what to make for dinner. Done.
  5. Time saved. Seriously. Every time you cook you have to take everything out and clean everything up. If you cook once to make several meals you will take everything out only once and clean up once. Who doesn’t want that??
  6. You will gain an hour every day after work. What will you do with that time? Take a yoga class you’ve wanted to join? Read a book? Walk with a friend after work? Because you don’t have to go home and spend an hour cooking, you will gain that time every day (except your cooking day).
  7. Less unplanned eating. Unplanned eating, snacking, mindless eating…all happens when we don’t have the right fuel for our bodies, prepared and ready to go. This will not happen when you have prepped meals in your fridge, ready to eat. Your prepped meals can include a small snack-sized meal for any time between meals that you have more than 5 hours without eating.

How I can help you with meal prepping:

As one of my clients I offer help with customized menus designed to help you reach your health and nutrition goals. This can include heart healthy, autoimmune friendly, gluten free, dairy free, whole food plant-based, transitioning to plant-based, food sensitivities, IBS-friendly, GERD-friendly, and any other health condition or nutrition sensitivity you would like to address.

I offer in-home cooking sessions where we will meal prep 2-4 meals depending on how complicated or simple.  For these sessions I provide recipes and grocery lists so you can repeat the meals any time.  You provide the groceries and we cook in your kitchen.

I will show you how to portion your food so your meals are ready to go.

Wouldn’t it be a great feeling to not have to think about food all week?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all of your nutrition needs and goals met with menus that work for you?

Wouldn’t it feel good to have customized menus that consider your food sensitivities?

Call me for a 10 minute free phone consultation to discuss your nutrition needs and goals and how I can help.