Food Sensitivity Testing and Counseling

Is Your Food Making You Sick?

Are you suffering from a stubborn health problem that won’t go away no matter what you try?

Melissa Pickell, New you nutritionOr perhaps the medications and treatments you’re taking aren’t actually getting at the root cause of your illness–but you want something that will?

If you feel this way, or know someone that does, consider some important facts:

  • Medical Research has shown that sensitivities to foods and food-chemicals can be involved in a wide array of painful symptoms and chronic health problems
  • If foods and additives in your diet are causing your illness, whatever medications you take will ultimately fail because they only mask the symptoms. They don’t treat the underlying cause of the symptoms. And as is too often the case, many medications have side effects that can lead to other health problems.
  • If food sensitivities are causing your illness and you don’t properly address them, you could easily end up suffering for many years, spending thousands of dollars for treatments that will never work the way you want.

Fortunately there’s a program called LEAP that can help you quickly overcome even the most troublesome food sensitivity related problems. LEAP includes a patented blood test called MRT (Mediator Release Test) that accounts for both Type 3 and the more common Type 4 pathways. MRT also identifies reactions to food chemicals. This translates into faster and more complete relief for those who test with MRT. In fact, independent studies confirm MRT is the most accurate and most comprehensive blood test available for food and food-chemical reactions.

I’m pleased to offer my services as a Certified LEAP Therapist to provide Mediator Release Testing and nutrition counseling to help you on your way to feeling better.

Mediator Release Testing (MRT) for food sensitivities is now available through New You Nutrition. Please call me to discuss test costs and procedures. 908-334-2025

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