New You Feel Great Makeover

  • Want to wake up everyday with abundant energy?
  • Ready to feel empowered as food helps you reach your wellness potential?
  • Do you want to be inspired to prepare and eat foods that energize your body?
  • Have you always wanted someone with enthusiasm and experience as your diet makeover coach?
  • Food is a gift we give our bodies everyday and it is my passion to help you find your most vibrant self through joyful, delicious food.
  • Ready to feel amazing? Become a New You. Let’s get started!


Ready to feel amazing? Become a New You. Let’s get started!

We will work together for 5 sessions with one of two options:

Option 1: 100% Plants

For those who wish to try a plant-based diet with lots of support and guidance

Option 2: Plants Plus

For those who wish to transition to a diet with more plant food but continue to eat healthier versions of animal foods including eggs, dairy, chicken, fish, meat.

Your New You Feel Great Makeover Includes:

  • Pantry makeover
  • Consultation regarding your nutrition and health goals
  • Symptom survey
  • Assessment of eating space with mindful eating recommendations
  • Menus
  • Shopping list
  • Recipes
  • Prep instructions
  • 1½-hour cooking session in your kitchen (ingredients not included)
  • 10-minute phone or Skype check-in
  • Reflection of the program and your results

Time to Get Excited About Food!

You’ll learn how to make all kinds of simple and delicious foods to support your nutrition and health goals and please your palette.

We’ll share cooking time and make meals fun with spiralized vegetable noodles, chia pudding and fruit jam, Mason Jar Salads, Slow Cooker foods, and delicious wholesome treats. Get ready to experience new whole foods and tasty treats!

 Don’t Worry, Be Joyful

  • The menus are simple enough to make and take for those who bring meals to work.
  • Small menu adjustments can be made for those with food sensitivities or strong dislikes.
  • This is NOT a diet. The New You Feel Great Makeover will help reconnect you to wholesome food and see all kinds of amazing results in your body.
  • Chocolate is on the menu! I promise.
  • Weekly meetings at your home and by phone makes it convenient.

I can’t wait to get started!! 908-334-2025

Individual $645
Couple $775
Family $855