Summer is the perfect time for re-balancing. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, more fresh delicious produce is available. It is a time when many of us get back on track with moving our body, eating more healthfully, and find ways to de-stress.

Having our energy field in balance can help us to feel calm but energized, relaxed, bring clarity to issues we are pondering, even allow the immune system to do its work of keeping us healthy.

Certain aspects of our lives suck energy, leaving us to feel depleted, fatigued, and emotionally unbalanced. These can include being around negative people, watching violent and disturbing movies or news, being contained in buildings without much exposure to fresh air, eating a diet high in processed foods, not getting enough sleep or exercise, and more.

On the other hand, we enhance and balance our energy field by eating foods with energy and vibration like produce, by hanging out with people we love, by spending time in nature, by taking time to release stress.

This summer I am offering three special packages to help you release stress and regain your energy.

In-person Summer Package includes 3 Healing Touch sessions plus a 75-min nutrition consultation. $327. (regularly $350)

Distance Summer Package includes 1 Healing Touch meditation session with instruction for self-guided Healing Touch plus 2 60-min nutrition consultations. $255 (regularly $275)

Healing Touch De-Stress 4-pack. 4 in-person Healing Touch sessions. $275 (regularly $300)

Here is a little video I made so you can learn more about Healing Touch.

I would be happy to speak with you about any of these packages. Please reach out by email or call me 908-334-2025. I will answer your questions and if you’re ready to schedule we can coordinate our calendars.

NOTE: Packages must be paid in full at or before the first visit to qualify for the discounts.

I look forward to helping you to rebalance.

Let’s connect soon!