As we enter into Spring and warmer weather, this ExtraOrdinary Time feels even more unusual and strange than it did several weeks ago. Spring is a time of waking up, expansion, growth, lightening. We take off layers of clothing, maybe release layers of winter padding on our bodies, we remove layers of leaves from the garden.

I discovered a few years ago that I don’t love Spring. I always berated myself for not loving Spring the way other people love Spring. I do love hearing the birds, getting outside, and I love the spring flowers and working in my garden. But energetically speaking, Spring always felt like slamming out of winter and suddenly we were expected to be out there in a high energy way. I learned that as a highly sensitive person I really needed more of a gradual transition between seasons, and especially Spring with its expansiveness.

This year, Spring feels different to me. And not just because I am physically distanced from my loved ones. The entire world has slowed down. For the first time in my lifetime Spring has arrived without all of the usual rushing around by the humans and our tools of modern life like vehicles for transportation and industry. Spring has arrived without all our modern-life pushing and rushing and achieving and constant movement. Energetically, I feel the slowing down that has been happening for several weeks. And as a highly sensitive person, I feel calmer. I feel that Spring is arriving with all of the attention and spotlight on HER because we humans are not making so much noise that we drown out her beautiful, gradual, awakening. We are quiet enough, we are still enough, to fully experience, to fully notice.

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Wishing you love & joy & spring flowers,